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At 5 Minutes

Museum of beer and the peket with Anthisnes
House of the stitcher with Hamoir
Museum of the rural life with Xhoris
Kayak les Remous
Communal museum Ourthe Amblève with Comblain au pont
The discoveries Mysteries of Comblain au pont – plus d’info
– Center D interpretation of the bat
– Cave of L damages
– Underground career

At 10 Minutes

Museum of the toy and the child with Ferrière
Museum of the water mill and bakery with Harzée

At 15 Minutes

Museum of the farm with Lincé sprimont
Museum of L bee with Tilff
Strong castle of Logne with Vieuxville
Museum of the strong castle of Logne with Vieuxville
Musée de la pierre à Sprimont
Museum of the railroad with Sprimont
Battle Museum with Aywaille
Labyrinths with Barvaux – plus d’info
safari “Le monde sauvage” with Aywaille – plus d’info
Caves of Remouchamps – plus d’info
Nordic Walking – plus d’info

At 30 Minutes

Castle of Modave – plus d’info
Field of Hottemme à Heyd Barvaux – plus d’info
December 1944 Historical Museum with La Gleize
Durbuy, smaller city
Animalist park of La Reid

At 45 Minutes

The fort of lantin and its course spectacle – plus d’info
Park chlorophyle with Dochamps – plus d’info
In winters Alpine skiing and basic with la Baraque Fraiture
of Liège and of Huy
Park of recreation Mont Mosan – plus d’info

At 60 Minutes

Blegny mine – plus d’info
Sandstones and the ham D Ardenne with La Roche en Ardenne – plus d’info

At 75 Minutes

Bastogne Historical center et Memorial American – plus d’info

At 90 Minutes

The directions sky with Emines – plus d’info
Archeoscope of country of Salm with Vielsalm

At 120 Minutes

Euro space center with Transinne – plus d’info
Caves of Han – plus d’info
Houtopia with Houffalize – plus d’info
Natural reserve of high the fagnes eifel – plus d’info
of Bruxelles